30 Great Lips Quotes and Sayings

Lips are a very important part of our face. They enable us to eat, drink, speak, smile, and kiss. Beautiful lips have always fascinated poets and artists. Smiling lips are the perfect weapon for melting people’s hearts. We hope these lips quotes will help you develop a deep appreciation of this humble body part.

Here are a few lips captions for you.

People with stiff upper lips have a tough time smiling.

Some words are great for exercising the lips.

Sometimes it is best to remain silent.

Lipstick is great for enhancing the beauty of the lips.

Don’t be a preacher – inspire others by example.

Dry lips can make a person frantic.

A kiss is a secret shared by two pairs of lips.

It’s tough to resist the idea of kissing your lover.

We want to listen keenly to some people.

Lips arouse in us the desire to kiss.

Some girls know the power of a good kiss.

It’s important to verbally express our love.

Language makes the lips more captivating.

Be careful when you’re making claims and promises to others.

Sometimes you can’t stop desiring someone’s lips and their love.

A passionate kiss can make you forget the whole world.

Lovers touch each other’s souls through a kiss.

We get to know a lot about a person from the words that they use.

Beautiful lips look like the petals of a flower.

Words come out of your mouth through the lips.

A man can always be disarmed with a good kiss.

True lovers are authentic with each other.

Beautiful lips look as delicate and delightful as rosebuds.

A woman’s pout is as powerful as a gun.

Smiling is a great use of your lips.

Physical beauty comes from being a good person.

A wife can never tolerate someone else flirting with her husband.

Kind words make your lips appear more beautiful.

Poetry compels us to appreciate everything that is beautiful in life.

Red lips and a good fragrance match every outfit.

These lips quotes are delightful and fun to read. We don’t realize how important our lips really are until we start thinking about them. Without lips, it would be very hard to experience intimacy in life – whether with another person or with food, drinks, and other elements of this world.

Have you got your favorite caption for lips photo?

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