30 Goodbye Quotes for Lovers During Separation

Farewells or goodbyes bring sadness to most lovers during times of separation. Goodbye quotes for boyfriend or girlfriend can be sorrowful. However, goodbyes are sometimes inevitable. Here you’ll find goodbye message for boyfriend or girlfriend. We also have the best goodbye quotes for lovers listed for you. These 30 goodbye quotes for lovers will make your farewells easier.

Some goodbyes don’t last forever.

A prayer of protection is one of the best ways to say goodbye.

Wish your lover new adventures on the day of their departure.

Goodbyes are short, memories are long-lasting.

Goodbyes and farewells are painful.

Love stories have beginnings and endings.

Goodbyes are for brave hearts.

Not everyone can say goodbye.

Goodbyes aren’t for some lovers.

Goodbyes aren’t easy even when it’s the right thing to do.

It’s better to say goodbye with a heart full of pleasant memories.

Don’t wait for goodbyes to express your love.

While saying goodbye, some lovers long for their next meeting.

It’s hard thinking about being without your lover when saying goodbye.

When love is deep, it’s challenging to part ways.

Goodbyes are less painful when it’s temporary.

Life would have been better if goodbyes didn’t exist.

It takes bravery to say goodbye to the one you love.

Goodbyes get easier with hopes of meeting again.

Your goodbye message is incomplete without kisses and love.

The hardest goodbye is when death comes.

You can’t be together forever when you keep saying goodbye.

The heart never says goodbye.

Some lovers are not meant for each other.

Farewells can be full of hopes and promises.

The hope of meeting again brings comfort when saying goodbye.

Some would rather not say goodbye to their lover.

When saying goodbye, show appreciation for the blessings you received.

It’s harder to bid farewell when souls have become one.

Sometimes it’s difficult to find words when saying goodbye.

We hope you enjoyed the goodbye quotes above. While saying goodbye is sad, the joy of meeting again brings excitement. When you’re apart or lonely, send a “goodbye message for boyfriend” or girlfriend. They are perfect for helping you express your feelings.

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