30 Good and Evil Quotes That Inspire You to Think Deeply

Sometimes the distinction between good and evil is a clear one, while other times, good and evil are separated by only a fine line. In order to correctly distinguish between good and evil, we must listen to our intuition. These good and evil quotes inspire us to start thinking more deeply about the differences between good and evil.

Here is our selection of good vs evil quotes.

Weak people perceive the powerful as evil.

The whole concept of good and evil isn’t a clear one.

Good is always going to overpower evil in this world.

Even terrible men should not be consistently evil.

We must refrain from referring to evil as something good.

People must exercise their power to distinguish between good and evil.

All of us are constantly struggling between good and evil.

Life is an experimental ground for experiencing both good and evil.

All people struggle to choose between good and evil.

Evil wins when good men sit quietly and do nothing to oppose it.

Men should refrain from judging others.

People are neither entirely good nor completely evil.

Good and evil are not polar opposites.

Wisdom gives us the ability to distinguish between good and evil.

All humans have a mixture of good and evil within them.

Being compassionate is more important than fighting between good and evil.

In a democracy, there’s equal potential for both good and evil to take center stage.

Sometimes good can come from evil and vice versa.

Both good and evil are illusions.

The world is dangerous because people accept evil without resistance.

There is a world beyond good and evil.

Whatever is done out of love is free from the labels of good and evil.

Focus on developing good instead of seeking to merely repress evil.

Both good and evil exist within our lives.

Bad people don’t care about the concept of good and evil.

Knowledge teaches us the difference between good and evil.

If you can’t do something good, then at least don’t do anything evil.

Men who know good and evil should love and help each other.

Good things can’t come out of evil actions.

A lot of people erroneously choose evil in pursuit of happiness.

These good and evil quotes inspire us to develop good judgment. We can’t learn to distinguish between right and wrong or good and evil by merely reading a book. The ability to distinguish between these two polarities lies only with our intuition.

We hope you enjoyed our collection of good and bad quotes.

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