30+ Funny Good Night Messages

Every night we get a chance to recharge and renew ourselves. It can be a real delight to receive a good night message from someone we care about. We hope you’ll enjoy the funny good night messages we have compiled in this article for you. Don’t forget to send a few messages tonight to the people who matter most.

Here is our selection of funny goodnight quotes:

You are missing someone and waiting for his/her reply.

Send an authentic and heartfelt good night message.

It’s the perfect good night message for your bae.

You fall asleep, waiting for their reply.

Tell them how much you miss being with them.

Let tomorrow handle its troubles.

You are waiting for their good night message.

Sleep overpowers you and it’s time to end your conversation.

We taunt and tease those we love.

A good joke with the ones we love before they fall asleep.

It’s okay even if you’re the only one sending a good night text.

Wishing your sweetheart a good night full of wonderful dreams.

Wishing her a love-filled, beautiful night.

Good dreams motivate us to dare to imagine.

It’s a perfect message for the one who inspires you the most.

Tell them how much they beautify your life.

Wish them a refreshing good night’s sleep.

It’s time to get some beauty sleep.

It’s always beautiful to have someone to wish good night.

A beautiful night is one lovely dream.

A tease while wishing them a good night, helps spice things up.

Being tired and sleepy is no excuse for not practicing good hygiene.

The great don’t give in to excessive sleep.

Live life at your own pace.

Always dream big; never settle for less.

They should be dreaming of you.

It’s time to recharge yourself!

It’s a funny good night message to tease people with a little scare.

It’s taboo to fall asleep without wishing them a good night.

Remind people to put their phone away after wishing you good night.

We hope these funny good night messages brought a smile to your face. Quite often we underestimate the importance of the little things. Sending a good night message to someone close to us might mean the world to them. It’s a way of showing how much you care about them.

Do you have any unique funny good night SMS ideas?

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