30+ Funny Farewell Message Ideas

Farewells are never easy. They leave us with pain and difficult emotions. Letting go of someone or something is the hardest thing anyone has to do. Sometimes we feel like we are never going to be happy again. We hope that these funny goodbye quotes will help you introduce an element of humor to gut-wrenching goodbyes.

Here is our selection of funny farewell quotes:

For most men, their wives are more meaningful than their houses.

Some goodbyes are a huge sigh of relief.

Sometimes, someone’s leaving is the best thing that can happen to you.

You’re definitely not going to be missing them.

You don’t really care about them.

Their absence will contribute positively to the work environment.

Women have a hard time coming to terms with goodbyes.

It’s tough saying goodbye to a friend who looks after you.

Goodbyes are easier if they’re going to bring great gifts when they return.

They are the ones losing a friend.

You want to meet them again to get revenge.

Your selfies won’t be the same without them.

It’s not fun losing a friend.

You’re going to miss playing pranks on them.

You are hoping that they’d stay.

It would be nice if you could always be with them.

No one will scream and shout at you anymore.

No more crazy after-work drink sessions.

Hopefully, someday they’ll get rid of all the extra fat.

Not everyone can handle goodbyes.

They better not leave without saying goodbye to you.

Bid farewell to one another when getting off the elevator.

Some goodbyes can be very difficult and complicated.

You’re glad they are leaving, but also saddened by it.

You’re scared they’ll be invading your dreams.

You’ll miss that annoying, messy person.

It’s tough replacing that amazing someone.

No miracle can turn a stupid person into a smart one.

They aren’t at the same financial level as you.

There’s always a way to continue a relationship.

These funny goodbye quotes illustrate the fact that adding some humor to farewells can alleviate the pain of separation a little. Of course, it will always be difficult walking away from something or someone who matters to us, but we have to focus on seeing the glass half full under all circumstances.

What’s your favorite funny farewell message?

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