30 Football Quotes That Apply to Everyday Life

Who doesn’t love to sit and watch a good game of football? Or, even better, those amazing press conferences and post-game interviews! It seems like every time a football player gets in front of the mike, they deliver some precious quote about football that we’ll remember forever.

In football, you have to be selfless and a team player to be remembered.

You will never win at anything unless you define what winning means.

There’s a lot to learn from football, none more important than teamwork.

Once the kick-off whistle blows, anything can and will happen.

Much like life, we all have a job to do and must adhere to it everyday.

Be thankful for what you have.

The best way to solve a problem is not to allow it to develop.

Football is much more than just a game.

True commitment comes from love.

There are primitive forces at work in football!

Running up the score is nice, but running up your record is even better.

Skill comes when you learn to love the game, not when you learn to play it.

When you’re playing, give it 110%.

Football has much to teach us about being a human being.

You need to place the ball where your teammates are going to be, not where they already are.

If you ask me, the fans could use a little football in their lives, too!

Don’t overthink things; simply do it and then analyze it later.

If you’re not going to block on offense, you may as well not tackle on defense.

Just don’t use your hands and you’ll eventually figure out the game of soccer.

It’s not good to go without football for too long.

If you’re not winning, you’re losing – and vice versa.

Football is a sport of violence with no repercussions.

You can be winning most of the game, but it only takes a few minutes to change that.

Sometimes it feels like no matter what you do, defeat is inevitable.

It’s hard to get anywhere if you always lose.

Sometimes all the time in the world is still not enough time.

Football might just be a game, but what it represents is much more than that.

Good players are made, not born.

You’ve got to get the details right!

If you can play rugby, American football will be a breeze for you.

Whether those football quotes had you laughing or feeling inspired, there’s never a dull moment when they get in front of the mike. It’s wonderful how one sport can make people feel so many different emotions at once, and it just explains why it’s the most popular sport in the world.

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