30 Fighting Quotes That Will Fire up the Warrior in You

Most people like to follow the path of least resistance. They lack the courage to fight for their principles and dreams. Nothing worthwhile is ever acquired without overcoming a certain amount of challenges. We hope these fighting quotes will inspire you to pursue your dreams against all odds.

Here is our selection of keep fighting quotes:

It is easier to fight with others over your principles than to follow them yourself.

Fighting and killing are inevitable a war.

If you don’t have someone to protect you, learn to fight for yourself.

A champion is constantly fighting for something.

It’s okay to take advantage of your opponent’s vulnerabilities during a fight.

Wisdom helps us embrace life as opposed to constantly fighting it.

Rely on God to deal with all of life’s challenges.

Fight for a change and it will happen.

Fights are not pleasant, but it’s always good when you win one.

Fight for the things that matter to you, but do it in an inspiring way.

Taking a good picture is always a battle.

All evils must be fought from the inside out.

Fighting for peace is an oxymoron.

Older men initiate war, but it’s the youth that gets sacrificed in it.

Fight for yourself and always be yourself.

It’s more difficult to fight when all the odds are stacked against you.

Develop your fighting skills or hire a bodyguard.

Never let your enemy learn too much about you.

If you can win without fighting your enemy, that’s supreme excellence.

If you know your strengths and your enemy’s weaknesses, you’ll surely win.

If you’re firm in your convictions, you’ll surely win.

Some people believe violence and fighting go hand in hand with love.

Every person must fight his battles alone.

The fight goes on despite the wounds and casualties.

Farmers’ rights are worth fighting for.

Never give up on your dreams – one day they’ll come true.

You must fight as if your life depends upon it.

A warriors’ only goal in life is to win fights.

Faith can help us win any battle.

Decide what the problem is and find a solution for it.

These fighting quotes inspire us to believe in ourselves and fight for the things that matter the most to us. Don’t ever waste your time in self-pity or allow yourself to become weak when life hits you hard. Get up and fight with all your might – that’s the only way you are ever going to win this game of life.

We hope you enjoyed our selection of inspirational fighter quotes.

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