30 Fever Quotes and Sayings

The body develops a fever when our immune system is making an effort to defend us against external threats. It’s our natural defense mechanism. Having a fever might feel uncomfortable, but there is usually nothing alarming about a temporary increase in body temperature. These fever quotes show us that passion can also evoke a sense of feverishness in our bodies and minds.

Here is our selection of quotes on fever.

A real dance is guided by the heart.

Add passion to purpose – infuse purpose with passion.

Passion can leave us feeling physically drained.

Fever helps the body get rid of toxins.

Fevers can originate from anger.

Love can feel like a form of sickness.

First love can be experienced only once.

Sometimes you have to learn to live with a difficult person.

Angels leave you with a sense of feverishness.

Good times always come back after a period of suffering.

Sometimes, you can’t find a cure for your problems.

People go completely crazy during the wedding season.

Lazy people are always making excuses.

Experiencing a disaster can give you a weird high.

Rheumatic fever can be quite difficult to deal with.

The common cold and flu might be accompanied by a fever.

It’s nice to be taken care of when you are ill.

It’s pleasant when you can view the outside from the inside.

No parent wants to see their child sick.

Fever is part of your body’s defense mechanism.

A kiss is an expression of an inner fever we have for someone.

Once you get in the mood for wrestling, there’s no coming back.

Gradually build the momentum in your deliveries.

Art museums induce greed and covetousness.

A good physician remains unfazed when patients launch an emotional attack.

Patriotism is fierce, grave, blind, and irrational.

We should pursue our dreams with passion.

Cowbell might serve as a cure for fever.

Your youth is a period of intoxication.

Negative thinking is far more dangerous than any disease.

These fever quotes show us that fever can be likened to the heat of passion. It burns our body, mind, and soul with an incredible intensity. The youth is an especially passionate stage of life.

We hope you liked our collection of fever quotes.

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