30 Feeling Empty Quotes to Help You Think About the Meaning of Life

There is a void that exists within all of us. We can fill it with fame, money, human relationships and material possessions. However, none of these things free us from the excruciating pain of facing this ever-lurking state of emptiness. Only when we pursue a spiritual path and devote our life to higher ideas, we begin to realize that the void is actually a reservoir of infinite possibilities and enormous joy. We hope these feeling empty quotes will inspire you.

Here is our selection of quotes about feeling empty:

There are times when words are unnecessary.

We realize our emptiness when we try to find meaning in life.

Love is the very essence of life.

God can help fill the void in us.

All manifestations exist within a void of emptiness.

Emptiness is felt even when we are in denial.

The artist strives to create meaning out of emptiness.

Through the void in our souls, we can find infinite meaning.

As we get older, we adapt to our emptiness.

Your passion gives meaning to the otherwise empty life.

Learn to let go of your ego first.

Toxic relationships can rid you of meaning.

Many of us bear a nagging feeling of emptiness.

Education trains the mind to search for meaning.

Most people who talk too much have nothing tangible to offer.

A writer pours ideas and thoughts into words.

Some people fill their emptiness with negative emotions.

Make sure you fulfill your children’s basic needs first.

Being honored doesn’t necessarily make life meaningful.

Heartbreak rips parts of our souls away.

Committing to a person should make you feel fulfilled.

A life without relationships is meaningless.

Engaging in fun activities helps alleviate the feeling of emptiness.

A lot of women lose themselves by giving too much.

What we think represents how we feel.

Recognition in this world is fleeting and transitory.

Television has distracted many people from finding meanings in life.

Without spirituality, life is painful and barren.

The emptiness is never truly gone; it’s only hidden temporarily.

Being empty is the first step to finding your true self.

These feeling empty quotes show us that we all have to face the void from time to time. When we start realizing that we are the creators of our destiny and that everything outside of us is only a reflection of our inner environment, we develop the power to reform our life.

We hope these emptiness quotes have inspired you to think about the real meaning and purpose of life.

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