30 Favorite Quotes on Grace

Sometimes, we despair so much from troubling phases in life, that we forget grace is here to save us all. In such phases, grace quotes are a great source of hope and inspiration.

We have gathered 30 quotes about grace, to hopefully help you face your darkest fears and convince you to wait for the best days to come.

Grace is for the humble and broken.

Grace comes in slow and steady.

God’s grace encompasses all our present conditions; whether good or bad.

With grace, you have guidance and protection.

God’s grace always remains with you as long as you are in his will.

Your personal achievements and success shouldn’t veil your eyes from the need of God’s grace.

It’s only through God’s grace you can live up to his standards.

Hard times are many times, tests we must pass to receive grace in the end.

With grace comes forgiveness and hope.

Grace keeps us from all the consequences of our past mistakes.

Pride disqualifies us from enjoying God’s grace.

Grace is not earned by our good deeds; it is a privilege.

God’s grace ensures that all the challenges we have to face, we can handle.

Humility is the only requirement to enjoy God’s grace.

With God’s grace, you can do the impossible.

Grace does not need good work as a prerequisite.

God’s grace is for all; weak and strong.

Grace is a product of love directed towards the broken.

Grace makes us enjoy the success that cannot be achieved through hard work.

God’s grace and mercy are never-ending.

Grace should not be abused but should enable us to live above sin.

The law points out our flaws; grace corrects them.

With grace comes self-worth.

We should not strive for perfection but the qualification to enjoy grace.

Grace is not earned; it is a privilege.

Grace saves us.

Grace is the source of power.

Grace and faith go hand in hand.

Prayers bless us with God’s grace.

Grace brings real transformation.

Grace quotes are not mere words, but feelings transformed into words by those who have already experienced it in their life.

Every saying in these quotes on grace brings vibes of positivity and joy in us. To understand them fully, read them repeatedly with concentration.

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