30 Farewell Quotes That Will Lead You Straight to Nostalgia

Bidding farewell to a long-time friend, classmate, colleague or boss is always filled with mixed emotions. Often, it comes with poignant sadness and deep anxiety. It is also an occasion to thank a special person in your life – with whom you shared significant moments. Likewise, it brings back happy and sad memories as well as funny experiences and (mis)adventures which become alive again. Bidding farewell can also become a turning point as you move on to new challenges in your life and career.

We have come up with thirty farewell quotes that are guaranteed to spark nostalgia and evoke laughter while you relive the moments of yesteryears.

Being missed by somebody is an honor not everybody deserves.

Saying goodbye doesn’t mean that the moment should be sad. It can make you happy, too.

Avoiding someone while he’s present and missing someone when he’s gone shows the stark personality of that person.

Farewell to the person who’s going will be better for the overall environment.

A strong bond once created is difficult to mold with the new upcoming ones.

Sometimes it feels good leaving the party rather than being in it.

As regards the work, your absence might prove to be a blessing in disguise.

Farewell to the person who has now lost the right to give orders.

It hurts when a person who’s more a leader than a boss leaves your company.

Farewell to the person who’s going to be dearly missed in the corridors of the office.

Missing the person who used to make your days in the office worthwhile is a natural thing.

Saying goodbye to the person who was so close to your heart is not an easy thing.

Better take goodbye as a thank you note as it’s a note of appreciation for all the good memories.

All goodbyes are not meant to be sad. Some might prove to be fruitful.

Not all people when they leave are missed.

Goodbyes can be rather seen as a welcome to the new journey of life.

Some colleagues are more of a doppelganger of interests rather than just co-workers.

Some people are chasing their goals. Better wish them luck than asking them to stay.

Goodbye to the person with whom I was uncompromisingly ME.

Never think that goodbyes are meant to be goodbyes forever. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay the price when we meet again.

Goodbye and best of luck with choosing new happenings in life.

Bid farewell while ensuring his coming back at the same time.

Let our goodbyes also augur more good vibes to our friendship.

Little farewells and goodbyes combine to create a larger impact in life.

Be honest when you say, “Farewell and see you around.”

Goodbyes are also meant to graciously welcome the uncertainties of life.

It’s always a pleasure being a little snob and enjoying your own company.

Donuts and people worthy of keeping are hard to leave.

In actuality, a memorial service is a farewell party of a person who has already left the house.

I’ll see you soon when you’ll be nearer to your goals.

We’re sure these funny farewell quotes never go outdated. They must have hit your trove of precious memories. It’s all right to feel nostalgic as you relish unforgettable moments with the special people in your life.

These funny leaving quotes were exclusively gathered to make you feel nostalgic while reminiscing the good ol’ days and wishing you the best for the coming years.

Let these farewell quotes bring humor to your other friends who now miss you.

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