30 Famous Quotes About Kashmir

Kashmir is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The people of Kashmir are known for their simple nature and gentle demeanor. They are also regarded as some of the most beautiful people in that subcontinent. These quotes on Kashmir make us know about many qualities that make this region unique.

Here is our selection of quotes about Kashmir.

Kashmir is the pride of India.

India stands with Kashmir.

Kashmiris feel out of place when fighting for their native land.

Inter-caste and inter-religious marriages aren’t easily accepted in Kashmir.

India has never made an effort to fully accept Kashmir.

There are many wonderful Kashmiri dishes.

The dispute over Kashmir must be resolved for good.

All Indian cities are equally capable of producing Olympic medallists.

Actors take pride in doing a wide variety of work.

Kashmir is a part of India – yet, it’s different from the rest of the country.

The Kargil war was a difficult time for the region of Jammu & Kashmir.

Kashmir is an exotic place, even for Indians.

Kashmir is a unique experience in itself.

Pakistan has long believed that Kashmir should be theirs.

You can’t break the spirit of Kashmir without destroying the entire region.

The dispute over Kashmir has managed to continue for over half a century.

How India treats Kashmir shows how secular the country really is.

Many people love Kashmir.

The capital city of Kashmir has had a turbulent political history.

Some of the most famous monuments in Kashmir were built by emperor Akbar.

Jammu & Kashmir can become a positive example for the rest of the country.

Jimmy Page and P. Diddy didn’t do a great job with the Kashmir song.

Kashmir is extremely beautiful.

Kashmir is unique and has unparalleled beauty.

Kashmir can’t be won with military might.

The Kashmir issue cannot be resolved with military might.

Many people feel that Kashmir is like a slice of heaven on earth.

The people of Kashmir are known to be gentle and soft-spoken.

Kashmir touches the hearts of locals and visitors alike.

Kashmir is the land of legendary beauty.

These quotes on Kashmir remind us of the status that Kashmir holds in many people’s hearts who regard it as heaven on earth. It’s true, there’s something extremely charming and heavenly about this place. There is a kind of beauty that can never be described in words – it must be experienced in person.

We hope you enjoyed our collection of Kashmir quotes.

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