30 Famous Quotes About History

We treasure the ancient architectural wonders that attract tourists from all over the world. We also treasure the amazing rise and fall of empires that we read in books. Throughout history, we have seen different cultures thrive from one generation to the next. Customs and heritage, conquests and fatal failures are the core of history. Here we have a list of 30 famous history quotes to help you understand the power of history.

History proves that money is power.

History is merely a collection of men’s sufferings.

History is just repetitions of similar events.

Though history repeats itself, it always presents a different opportunity for us.

History is more than just a myth, and a myth is more than just history.

Everything you see around you has its history.

Words, writing, and books are the conveyance of history.

There would be no history without changes.

History is repetitive, just like historians.

We cannot prevent history from recurring.

History is not preconditioned to occur. Even those who make it know nothing about it.

People only remember what has happened recently, and after that, they tend to forget.

Holding on to history is useless. We can only use it to make the future better.

History seems to be a collection of the crimes, follies, and suffering of men.

History remains relevant to mankind.

People make history, but history doesn’t make itself.

History is composed of all kinds of events; some of which we can prove, and others we cannot.

Historians care about everything in the past, including the little details.

We learn history so that we can avoid making the same mistakes as our forefathers.

Only those who are courageous write history.

We will never be able to prove any historical events.

History is evolution.

We should refer to history to know where we are going.

History cannot be undone but, with courage, we can avoid reliving the bad parts of it.

History is unavoidable. It will always unfold before us.

History helps us become better.

No matter what we do to run away from history, it will always catch up to us.

We only discover the reality when it is already history.

People make history, and people themselves become history.

When we are gone, our history will remain.

We hope the above history quotes from great historians, academics, poets, and geographers have helped you to get a better perspective on history. However, there is one thing that stands out clearly: people make history, and the two are interconnected. Without people, there can be no history, and people’s future are based on history.

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