30 Fake Friends Quotes

Fake friends are toxic to your wellbeing and happiness. Whether they spill out your secrets, deceive you or talk behind your back, fake friends should be avoided. Here we present you with 30 fake friends quotes that can help you to surround yourself with genuine and honest people.

You know that they are not your true friends.

Two-faced people can deceive you.

With real friends, you can be the real you.

Feel victorious after proving them wrong.

Expose your fake friends.

For the worst of fake people.

You don’t need them if they are not there for you.

When fake friends pretend they like you to your face.

False friendship ruins positivity in your life.

Some fake friends only care about your money.

Even enemies are better than fake friends.

Fake friends secretly put you down.

Fake friends leave you at your most difficult times.

They might have hurt you, but you are stronger than they think!

Only real friends can keep up with honesty.

Beloved friends motivate you to be a better person.

Real friends make your life more enjoyable.

Not everybody is your real friend.

Only real friends share both your pain and pleasure.

Fake friends only want to make your life more difficult.

When the fake friendship is finally over.

Pretending has come to an end.

A fake friend has become an enemy.

You have realized who your real friends are.

No one is perfect, so be honest to yourself.

When you need to surround yourself with genuine people.

Karma will come and get them eventually.

Fake friends cannot fool you!

When their true colors come out.

True friendship is about keeping each other secrets.

You can use these quotes about fake people to send them to your fake friends. You will remind them that you are smarter than them and are aware of their behavior. This way, fake friends can either start treating you better or you can leave them for good.

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