30 Exceptional Messages to Wish Happy Birthday to Me

Granted, birthday wishes from others add to the charm of the occasion. But, there is nothing wrong with using a “happy birthday to me” message to wish yourself a great day. Before everything else, though, you have to find a wish that expresses yourself properly. So, let’s check out our birthday wishes for myself from the collection below.

May my birthday mark the beginning of a successful new year.

I wish for lifelong prosperity on my birthday.

Dear God, please allow me to celebrate more of my birthdays.

As I grow one year older, it’s high time I get a proper breakthrough.

Today, it’s all about me as it’s my birthday.

Who should I prioritize more other than me on my birthday?

On my birthday, I always feel a little bit more beautiful.

Thank God for blessing me with one more amazing year.

Wouldn’t you agree that my birthday is the birthday of the greatest man alive?

Today is the birthday of an amazing person, who is nobody else but me.

 I wish I could be at my birthday-like peace every day.

I couldn’t ask for anything more than cake and drinks on my birthday.

 On my birthday, my family and friends make me feel really special.

On my 35th, I wish for a life partner to accompany me.

 If you are wishing a happy birthday to a wonderful person, it’s me.

Who else is the icing on my birthday cake?

 Looking forward to enjoying one more year of happiness and friendship.

 It’s surprising to see all of you remember my birthday.

 I plan to celebrate my birthday by spoiling myself with a big gift.

 From money to knowledge, I want everything more in the coming year.

 Not only you, but I also recognize my awesomeness.

 I wish for the miseries to blow away with my birthday cake candles.

 On my birthday, I realize how awesome it is to survive so many years.

 Even the rolling drums wouldn’t be able to express my excitement for my birthday.

 Today marks the day the prince of love and desire was born.

 Come and join me to celebrate the birthday of the hero that I am!

 Don’t be shocked to see me cheerful on my birthday.

 Today, I celebrate myself for being my best friend and my worst enemy.

 Don’t you dare to make me feel old on my birthday.

 I wish to continue living the way I was in the past years.

Just saying “wish a happy birthday to me” doesn’t do justice to such a special and personal occasion. But, you also don’t have to be a poet to play with the words and make it funny to be genuine. Just read some of these birthday wishes to myself, and announce to the world about your birthday in style.

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