30 Ex Quotes and Sayings

Breakups are very hard to deal with. When our hearts are broken, we feel like the world has come to an end. However, as time passes on and our wounds heal, new and wonderful people start entering our lives. Eventually, the ex transforms into nothing more than a memory. We hope these ex quotes will inspire you to be grateful for the relationship you once had and that they are not a part of your present reality.

Here is our selection of quotes for ex.

We are all guilty of stalking our exes online.

It’s better to completely cut off your ex from your life.

A partner you snatch from another will likely repeat the same disloyalty with you.

We have dated people who we now consider as too low for us.

It’s painful to let go of an ex but you heal from it.

Live your best life and let your ex be jealous.

Going back to an ex is a terrible decision.

If someone is your ex now, it’s for good reason.

Our exes deserve a second chance at love but not with us.

Exes can help us raise our standards for a partner.

Heartbreaks in past relationships prepare us for better relationships.

You can be good to your ex without wanting them back.

A breakup is fate’s way of making your life better.

Sometimes you wonder why you were even attracted to your ex.

Be grateful for a past relationship and move on.

Why would you even want someone like your ex again!

Taking your ex as a normal friend pools together many weird moments.

Let go and move from all you had for an ex.

It’s satisfying to see your ex with someone uglier than you.

Exes feel jealous when they realize you’re happy without them.

Your ex was a mistake you don’t want to repeat again.

Sometimes, we realize our past relationships were just toxic.

It’s very difficult to be friends with an ex.

Your ex is not the source of your happiness.

Don’t stay in touch with your exes.

After a while, your ex becomes a memory.

Your partner won’t leave you for their ex if they really value you.

Runnin into an ex is always awkward.

Your exes aren’t part of your current or future life.

Eventually, we always find someone better than our exes.

These ex quotes show us that people come into our lives so that we can grow and learn from the experiences we share with them. If your ex is not in your life anymore, then that simply means there is someone or something out there that’s better for you.

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