30 Evil Quotes That Will Change How You View Life

The world is filled with evil’ might be a common statement by people from all walks of life today, but the fact remains that there is too much evil in the world. When someone does want something bad, they inadvertently do evil.

Almost everyone speaks about doing good today, and since evil is the opposite of good, evil is sometimes referenced in statements as well. We will examine some evil quotes that have some deep implied meaning that can affect how you view life. Let us examine some of them.

Be aware that even though the word ‘evil’ is referenced here most times, it doesn’t mean the entire statements are evil. As much as we can, the focus of these quotes about evil on the good lessons that the entire quote teaches.

Sometimes, it is better to remain silent than say stuff we’ll later regret.

One man can’t stop all the evil in the world; it’s our collective efforts.

In every disappointment lies a latent blessing.

An inordinate desire to make money will only lead to troubles.

There is no excuse for bad behavior, not even the good done in the past.

Failure to take action when needed is a whole new evil on its own.

Resorting to violence is the worst way to settle a dispute.

Evil is man-made; it never comes from God.

Humans and evil are inseparable.

People will do anything just to make money.

Seeing something go wrong without stopping it as bad as the act.

Bad outcomes are sometimes unavoidable, you need to choose the easiest.

Evil prevails because good people refuse to stop it.

When you start something bad, you can only graduate to the worst things.

We all have to decide whether to be good people or bad people.

It is easier to make a good decision after we have made a really bad one.

Learn to treat everyone you meet as humans.

Some men are as evil as monsters.

As you journey through life, do your best to correct every wrong you see.

Evil does not last forever, good times are always on the horizon.

People carry out more evil in the name of religion.

Evil is not just what people do. It also includes what people say.

We experience some hardships because of our desires.

Humans are responsible for all evil in the world.

When an offer seems too good to be true, caution must be exercised.

Telling a lie can do more bad than good.

The government is responsible for most of the problems faced by many.

Everyone almost everywhere today is only enduring the governments.

Most of the troubles we face can be traced to a lack of self-control.

Everyone has his translation of what is right or wrong.

Some of the quotes we just examine are hilarious and make for funny evil quotes that are studded with life hacks. The lesson is not in the statement taken most times; it’s more about understanding their implied meaning.

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