30 Equality Quotes to Help Eliminate Prejudices

We might not be the same, but we are all equals. Let us vow to look beyond superficial differences so that we may recognize the essential humanness of us all. We hope these equality quotes will inspire you to love your neighbor as well as yourself.

Here is our anthology of quotes about equality.

The world will have greater equality one day.

You have to claim and get what you want in life.

To be civilized means recognizing and respecting the rights of others.

Equality and liberty are two sides of the same coin.

The idea of equality often seems like a utopia.

Sometimes, equality is just not an option.

Both men and women are human beings first.

American values are rooted in the concept of liberty and equality.

There is too much inequality in real life.

The color of blood is the same for all of us – we are all human.

People of all nations and races have the same human rights as us.

We are all different and equal at the same time.

We are different based on our virtues.

In our basic humanness, we are all the same.

Equality exists even in nature.

The desire to be different is ingrained in us.

The American nation is built on the premise of equality.

The only thing that makes us the same is that we are all different.

Some people are high achievers, while others aren’t.

The laws of nature apply to both the rich and the poor equally.

The beauty of the human race lies in its diversity.

Both men and women need to be equally respected for their achievements.

Both men and women should have equal access to education.

Don’t aspire for conformity – dare to be different.

Equality should be the standard of our society.

Equality does not imply sameness.

We are all mortals with the same color blood.

Women have the same human rights as men.

You can raise yourself above all common prejudices by being outstanding.

Never subject children to any kind of inequality.

Equality is the birthright of all humans. We hope these equality quotes have inspired you to treat others with fairness. Let us pledge to raise our consciousness above all prejudices. Also, let us not differentiate based on race, class, caste, and gender.

Come back and re-read these quotes on equality whenever you need the inspiration to be just to others.

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