30+ Envy Quotes That Will Inspire You to Never Feel Envious

Envy is one of the most destructive emotions any human being can experience. However, if we were to be honest with ourselves, then we’d all acknowledge having felt jealous of another at some point of time in our lives. The surer we become of ourselves and the more we learn to live with gratitude, the less we feel envious of others. We hope these envy quotes will inspire you to keep this negative emotion out of your life.

Here is our selection of quotes on envy.

There will always be people who’ll be envious of your success.

Don’t envy anyone and don’t overrate what you have.

The doers are always envied by the bystanders.

Wicked people envy and hate success by default.

Very few people are capable of not envying a prosperous friend.

People either hate you, love you, or aspire to be like you.

Having someone who loves you unconditionally is extremely admirable.

Holding resentment harms you more than anyone else.

Your anger, jealousy, and resentment hurt you the most.

Don’t listen to others’ jealous words.

Envying another person is you acknowledging your inferiority.

Comparison brings envy which makes you unhappy.

Don’t envy what others have.

When others’ success makes you hurt, you’re envious of them.

Envy is a destructive emotion that does no good.

Envy brings the death of one’s virtues.

Whatever we wish for others comes back to us multiplied.

Focus more on your own blessings.

Envious comments can hurt but they can’t destroy anyone.

We destroy ourselves by being envious of others.

Envy makes one focus too keenly on others.

Don’t pretend your jealousy in pursuit of equality.

It’s envy if you love others failing.

All famous and successful people have to tolerate being envied.

Envy is like a disease that eats and destroys the bearer.

The envious bring upon themselves their own destruction.

Envy is also a type of appreciation.

By envying others, we harm ourselves.

We lose our own good fortune by envying the blessings of another.

True love is never jealous.

These envy quotes teach us that envy destroys the envious more than it harms the person who is envied. Each one of us has been given so many blessings in life. We shouldn’t take them for granted. Let us strive to live with gratitude and love.

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