30 Engagement Invitation Quotes to Celebrate the Big Request

Engagement is an exciting occasion that provides the opportunity to bring friends and family together in one place. Of course, to bring everyone together, you have to send out the news in the first place. You need engagement invitation quotes for exactly that reason. And guess what? You can find 30 of the best engagement invitation wording just by scrolling down this page.

Having you at our engagement party would make us very happy.

You’ve been there for us in the past; please be a part of our future.

You won’t believe how excited we are for our engagement.

It will be a pleasure to have you present at our child’s engagement celebration.

Join us to make our sister’s engagement a truly special occasion.

Let’s have fun together before the wedding day.

It would be an honor to have you at our engagement party.

We want to celebrate our daughter’s engagement with you and ask for your blessings.

Come pray for us at the beginning of our new journey together.

We want you to help us celebrate our steps toward becoming one.

Join us to celebrate our engagement.

On our engagement day, what could be better than having wine with good friends?

Please come to witness our daughter spreading her wings.

Don’t miss the fun we planned for our engagement celebration.

Your presence would be most welcome on my engagement day.

Let’s enjoy ourselves a little before getting caught up in wedding plans.

Please come and celebrate the love we share as we make it official.

We hope you’ll honor us with your presence when we celebrate our engagement.

Let’s celebrate the fact that she said yes to my proposal.

The young couple are hoping to get your blessing on their engagement.

Join us to celebrate that we’ll soon be wed.

Both of you are cordially invited to attend our engagement dinner.

It’s amazing that a smile is what led to this engagement day.

How could we celebrate our engagement day without you?

We would love for you to celebrate our engagement with us.

You are one of the few special people we want at our engagement party.

Don’t miss out on the fun of our surprise engagement party for the couple.

We’d love to have you with us to celebrate our daughter’s engagement.

Let’s celebrate our friend’s long-awaited engagement with a cocktail party.

Please be a witness to the official union of a soulmate and a bestie.

When two love birds are making it permanent with a proposal, the burden of writing an appealing engagement invitation message may turn out to be an extra hassle. So, we have taken it upon ourselves and collected all the best engagement invitation quotes in one list. Just choose the one you like best and you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

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