30 Enemy Quotes That Are Worth Thinking About

Even the nicest person has a few people who don’t like him. Hence, it is not surprising that all great people in history have had enemies. These enemy quotes inspire us to think about the role enemies play in our lives. We can either allow their negativity to disturb us or we can use it to fuel our passion for self-improvement.

Here is our selection of quotes about enemies:

Forgiving an enemy is the best revenge.

Counter hate with friendship.

Allow the universe to judge those who hate you.

Love is the nemesis of opposition.

The more successful you are, the more enemies you’ll create.

Self-pity impedes wisdom and careful thought.

Faith defies logic.

Liberty is only an illusion when power lies in the hands of a select few.

The best transcends well.

Never let your enemies know your way of doing things.

Keep your promises to your friends.

To anyone, his/her opposition is wrong and illogical.

Don’t be superstitious about authority.

Friends who dislike you aren’t that different from enemies.

Your enemies will unforgivingly criticize you truthfully.

Forgive but prevent a recurrence by steering clear of them.

Revolutionists make the most enemies.

Always keep your enemies guessing.

No one can tell you your faults better than your enemies.

It’s hard to forgive a friend; trust has been broken.

Friends and lovers can’t tell you the truth as bluntly as an enemy can.

Master the art of disarming your enemies without actually fighting.

It’s very hard to tolerate the actions of enemies.

Betrayal from a friend is worse than the scathing words of an enemy.

We have the greatest potential to hurt ourselves.

Always treat your friends exceptionally well.

Your enemy can teach you much. Learn to make the best of it.

It feels a little strange when an enemy starts treating you well.

Friends support you, but enemies give you the drive to be better.

The most dangerous enemy is one who pretends to be a friend.

These enemy quotes show us how enemies can help us in our pursuit of self-improvement. We can learn about our weaknesses in them. Put aside your ego and use the information you collect from your enemies to become a better person.

Do you have any favorite quotes for enemies?

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