30 Encouraging Sayings and Quotes About Speaking Up

Most people choose to remain silent due to fear of backlash and the brutal reaction of others. However, speaking up is everyone’s fundamental right. Remember that societies don’t suffer due to freedom of expression. Instead, the silence of people instills injustice and anarchy. If you are a troubled speaker, you can encourage yourself with these motivational quotes about speaking up.

Read our collection of “speaking quotes” to throw away your shyness and express your opinion boldly.

Speak up if you want to bring change to the world.

Only a brave person can speak and listen calmly.

Speak carefully because words decide your success and failures.

Enemies reveal, while friends and lovers conceal the truth.

Don’t be afraid and speak your heart out.

Don’t speak to please others.

Every person has the intellectual right to speak their mind out.

Give your opinion without being cruel to others.

Don’t be afraid and express your opinion freely.

Women with a strong opinion can change the world.

Speak against terrorism in order to stop it.

It’s healthy when a youth expresses their opinion.

Never express your opinion for attention.

Speaking up about controversial topics makes you vulnerable.

Learn the importance of self-expression and speak for yourself.

People are taking online harassment seriously due to women speaking up.

Speaking out can make a person feel alone.

Learn to express your opinion when you are in fear.

Speaking up at the right time is a great talent.

Speak up if you want to end poverty in the world.

Don’t be afraid, stand up and speak for yourself.

Let go of negative thoughts and speak your mind.

Your expression of thoughts make you different from others.

Never shy away from speaking up when needed.

Don’t stay silent when something wrong happens.

Don’t suppress your opinion due to others.

Speak up if you want others to feel your existence.

Express yourself for those who remain silent.

You can’t be heard unless you speak up.

Liars don’t appreciate people who speak the truth.

The right to freely express yourself is the birthright of every person, and nothing can change that. Sadly, a lot of people choose to surrender that right due to societal and cultural pressures. However, giving up your right to speak up does not only harm a person, but it also creates an oppressed society devoid of justice and freedom.

Share these speak up quotes with your friends and encourage them to enjoy the freedom of expression!

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