30 Ego Quotes to Inspire Positive Change

The ego is the false “I.” It is the “I” that we show to others – it thrives on approval and constantly seeks glorification. Real greatness is achieved only by breaking the shackles of the ego. One’s true self does not care about the opinions of others – it only strives to do what is right and what comes from the heart.

These ego quotes will inspire you to embrace humility. By being humble, we can reach the highest potential of our soul.

Here are 30 ego quotes collected from some celebrities.

To become better, give up the ego’s desire to be liked by others.

Being humble is a sign of greatness.

True greatness lies in not boasting about your accomplishments.

Use constructive criticism to become a better person.

Weak people have huge egos.

Being forceful might feed your ego, but it won’t transform you.

An egoistic person has a very fragile sense of self.

An indifferent person won’t love anyone.

Don’t allow your sense of self to become dependent on your social status.

The ego often triggers something primal and animalistic in us.

Always be willing to let go of your ego.

Don’t let praise and criticism affect you.

Perfectionism is the ego’s demand to always do everything flawlessly.

Don’t let your ego stop you from learning and growing.

Egoistic people constantly try to push their views and ideas onto others.

Don’t hold on to your ego – allow it to melt like snow.

We must believe in ourselves.

A big ego is the result of ignorance.

A certain amount of ego is necessary for survival in this world.

Step past your ego and embrace your limitlessness.

Leave your ego behind in order to truly love someone.

An inflated ego can quickly lead to disaster.

Those who humiliate others have fragile egos and a broken sense of self.

Strong people are not afraid to hear their flaws and faults.

Your ego might try to talk you out of doing the right thing.

The ego focuses on the outside while the soul focuses on ourselves.

The desire to compare ourselves with others is a phenomenon of ego.

At least egotists don’t have the evil habit of gossiping.

A big ego is the result of a small mind.

The ego seeks approval and glorification from others.

These quotes on ego urge us to step beyond the confines of the false “I” to embrace our true power. Be motivated by love, and not my ego. If you can do this, then all your dreams will eventually become a reality.

Let there be no ego caption on the landscape of your soul.

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