30 Economics Quotes and Sayings

Economics is a social science that concerns itself with the consumption, production, and distribution of wealth. We hope these economics quotes will get you thinking about what this field of study seeks to answer. After all, economics concerns itself with understanding how the unlimited wants of the human race can be fulfilled through the exploitation of limited natural resources.

Here is our selection of quotes about economics:

Understanding economics is essential for everyone.

There are a lot of dubious theories and ideas in the field of economics.

To study economics, don’t rely on the interpretations of economists.

Understand and practice economics to live a financially efficient life.

The economists don’t agree even amongst themselves.

Manage your money well and learn to save.

It seems like prices are always going up.

The efficient management of resources is key to a thriving economy.

Bank upon the virtue of honesty to create a better world.

The ultimate purpose of economics is to make everyone’s life better.

Basic financial skills should be taught in every school.

People should be taught the basics of economics early.

Politicians who run the government often don’t understand economics.

Everything in life comes at a price.

The economy favors the rich.

There will always be an end to everything; our world ensures that.

Too many convenience and comfort make people lazy.

It makes no sense to pay a tax on our own hard-earned money.

Manage your investments with caution and planning.

The desire for money can compel people to do immoral things.

Competition favors both consumers and companies.

Governments and economists shouldn’t only focus on economic growth.

The field of economics is dominated by theories and not facts.

Nations have always benefited from the expansion of trade.

Focus on taking things a step at a time.

Not everyone has the intelligence and skills to do business successfully.

Financial freedom comes when we make more than we spend.

Learn how to manage money while you have enough of it.

It’s more important to learn the information behind the economic statistics.

In economics, two opposing sides can be equally successful.

These economics quotes show us how there are great discrepancies in the field of economics. Economists never seem to agree on many of the basic economic tenets.

However, in our current society, a basic knowledge of economics is necessary for all of us. If nothing else, then we all must know how to manage our own earnings.

We hope you enjoyed these quotes on economics!

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