30 “Drinking With Friends” Quotes That Will Make You Crave for Those Moments of Get-Together Again

It’s always great to meet with friends and have fun together. Sometimes, while enjoying the moment, you’ll also have a few drinks. Never be afraid to celebrate and make a toast to life and valuable friendships. Drinking with friends’ quotes will help you create some humorous memories with friends.

Always drink with friends who make you happy and laugh a lot.

Friends can be therapists that you can have a few drinks with.

Having a drink with friends makes you forget about the worries in life.

The best drinks are the ones you share with friends.

Beer, jokes, and silly acts make the bond of friendship strong.

Always remember to drink with friends to make the time worthwhile.

You have all the qualities of a fantastic friend to me.

Cheers to the nights we spent with our best friends, having the best time.

Drinking with friends can cause you to lose weight.

Best friends share drinks and their troubles with each other.

Noble friends will not allow their friends to drink low-quality beers.

It’s enjoyable to drink with friends, and some people give you that urge to drink.

My friends and I are unique because we’re made with vodka and ice.

Drunk friends cannot give you the support you might need.

Your friends will never let you drink without them.

We never count our drinks when we are with friends.

Friends and alcohol are all I need to enjoy life.

Cheers to the foolish decisions we make whenever we’re drunk.

Three Tequilas are enough to get you drunk.

Whenever I drink, my friends appear to be so amazing.

Always remember our secret code to use whenever we’re caught drinking.

In great friendships, you have unique tastes in men but the same taste in alcohol.

Whenever we’re with friends, we always look for the closest bar.

I only drink with close friends or complete strangers.

Drinking with friends all night proves that you love them.

My friends drink until they fall, and that’s how I describe their health condition.

One reason to have drinks is when a friend shows up.

My friends know about my drinking, but they don’t know what I crave for.

Every drink I take has a unique purpose.

Only my genuine friends deserve a glass of champagne.

The “friendship drunk quotes” above are so funny. And reading them makes you feel like meeting with friends to share a few drinks. While drinking can be enjoyable, always use wisdom, because getting drunk has consequences. Share Alcohol friends’ quotes with those who help you enjoy life.

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