30 Dope Quotes and Sayings

Drug addiction is one of the worst menaces of our modern society. Unfortunately, many artists in the entertainment industry are addicted to drugs. Youngsters who consider them to be their icons follow in their footsteps and become addicts as well. We hope these dope quotes will inspire you to stay away from drugs.

Here is our selection of dope swag quotes.

You feel quite powerful when you are able to laugh alone.

You can’t hold on to fame and influence if you don’t have something to offer.

Some artists are truly great.

It’s a good thing if you are different from the masses.

Being on the radio is an intense experience.

Try to be really good at delivering your message to the audience.

For some people, hope comes from smoking dope.

Many artists wait for the moment when inspiration hits them.

The people who are different and outstanding will dominate this world.

There’s nothing extraordinary about one person smoking dope.

Human beings are addicted to hope.

Love intoxicates us.

Life becomes a lot more tolerable with dope

You can’t dope supernatural beings.

Many successful people have been drug addicts in the past.

Book collectors are addicted to books and very possessive about them.

For a sport to be clean, all players must abstain from dope.

There’re many interesting people in life and at film school.

Dope does nothing other than kill and destroy you.

Some people are all about money and dope.

Nothing good has ever come out of doping.

If you’ve sold dope once, you won’t shy away from doing it again.

Every guy thinks that his mom is the most amazing woman in the world.

When you have enough dope, you feel fulfilled.

Reading is like an addictive drug.

Some girls have great style and swag.

Some people live surreal lives, as in art.

Many people recognize their true characters under the influence of dope.

Drugs are addictive no matter how you consume them.

Doping and drinking are two different things altogether.

These dope quotes show us how detrimental drugs are to our wellbeing. It’s not worth trying them out even once. Doping is a path of self-destruction out of which nothing good can ever emerge. We hope you’ll make the choice to live a healthy life instead.

We hope you enjoyed our collection of dope quotes.

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