30 Don’t Depend on Anyone Quotes

We are born alone and we die alone. Relationships with others enrich our lives, but we can’t hold on to anyone for a life other than our own self. Hence, we should never be too dependent on anyone. We hope these “don’t depend on anyone” quotes will inspire you to practice greater self-reliance.

Here is our selection of “never depend on others” quotes:

Keep good relationships with others, but depend only upon yourself.

The quality of your relationships with others depends on you.

God will help us only if we help ourselves first.

You’re the only one who is responsible for your success.

Don’t rely on anyone other than God and yourself.

It is up to us to assist God in his work.

Your happiness depends entirely upon you.

You have to be there by your side.

Be your own savior.

You have to rely on yourself to get things done.

Success is something that you have to create for yourself.

Self-improvement is your own responsibility.

Depend on what you have to create opportunities.

Depending on yourself doesn’t mean isolate yourself from others.

Rely on yourself to solve all of your problems.

Speak up and fight for yourself.

Depend on yourself to find the way.

It’s okay to depend on others sometimes.

You owe it to yourself to look good at all times.

Don’t depend on others to be there for you.

To be respected, rely on yourself for your needs.

Depend on yourself to do all the important things in life.

Depend on yourself to get quality work done.

Depend primarily on yourself.

Rely on yourself for help.

It’s your job to make things happen for yourself.

You can only depend on yourself.

Self-reliance is a sign of strength.

Your peace depends entirely on you.

Being self-dependent is all about doing what feels right to your heart.

These “don’t depend on anyone” quotes show us the power of self-reliance. People respect us more when we don’t depend on them too much. We should never believe that another human being is dependent on our happiness or success. You are your own savior – no one else can do for you what you won’t do for yourself.

We hope you enjoyed our selection of depend quotes.

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