30 Divine Christening Message for a Memorable Baptism Card

Christening, being the first religious act of a baby, is a very holy occasion. This makes for a pleasant ceremony attended by friends and close relatives. However, tradition dictates that the participants carry a christening message scripted on a card. That’s why, to help you out, we have collected these baptism wishes below.

Take christening as the beginning of your journey towards attaining redemption.

Christening secures the Lord’s blessings forever.

With God’s blessings, you will one day be a great Christian.

May this holy occasion lead you to be a perfect Christian.

Looking forward to seeing you grow up to be a lady of faith.

You deserve all of God’s mercy on your christening day.

Christening is an important step towards being faithful.

I hope always keeps you safe in His own care.

Only by getting baptized, do you get to know the divine plan for you.

There is nothing better than welcoming a child in the Lord’s name.

I hope the sweet child will be forever in God’s grace.

Today, I wish for all of God’s blessings to befall upon the child.

It’s a privilege to attend the occasion of such a sweet baby’s christening.

May the Lord bless the child with everlasting peace.

Christening is such a holy way to thank God for the blessings of a child.

By accepting the Lord, your child makes His blessings permanent.

Congratulations on connecting with your child in the same spirit of faith.

Starting with your baptism, let only the Lord reign in your heart.

May you continue to walk the path of Jesus in the future.

I hope you enjoy wrapping your child in the faith of God.

May this holy day become the true basis for all your life actions.

May both the child and the parents be blessed with eternal joy.

Isn’t it lovely to be surrounded by the loved ones on your christening day!

Getting christened is like clothing yourself in the fabric of the Lord.

May your christening bring happiness for the rest of your life.

It’s a pleasure to attend the occasion of your baptism.

Today marks the beginning of your eternal journey in Christian faith.

Today, you become my brother in Christianity.

I hope to God that He rewards you for choosing to walk in His path.

I wish all of God’s blessings be upon you on your christening day.

A baby is a blessing for everyone in the family, as they make our lives worthwhile. Therefore, while attending his/her christening, you must carry with you a baptism card with a happy christening message. You can also direct the christening message towards the parents, as they are the ones arranging all this, anyways.

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