30 Dentistry Quotes and Sayings

Both children and adults are usually quite terrified of visiting the dentist. The tools and equipment at a dentist’s office look quite scary. These dentist quotes help us understand how traumatic and ridiculous our plight is when we are confronted by our dentist.

Here is our selection of dentistry quotes.

Putting up with a bad toothache feels better than visiting the dentist.

Dentists are good at giving us false hope.

You’d want to extend your appointment if you have a crush on your dental hygienist.

Dentists can be the scariest people in the world.

It’s a dentist’s job to look down in the mouth.

A dentist can’t fix all the problems created by a negligent patient.

Only a dentist can hold a one-way conversation with his patients.

It seems like the dentist’s job is to torture others.

Few things are scarier than the dental profession.

Kids are usually afraid of the dentist.

Dentists smile at us menacingly.

It is best to take care of your teeth by yourself.

Dentists subject their patients to mental and physical torture at the same time.

You can’t fix six months of negligence 30 minutes before your dental appointment.

It is not wise to take on more than you can handle.

If you want to keep all your teeth, then take good care of them.

We always think that anyone who has what we desire most must be happy.

We constantly lick our wounds.

It’s tough to laugh in a dentist’s presence.

Teeth always appear whiter in contrast to something dark.

Going to the dentist is never an exciting thing.

Most people are terrified of dentists.

Sometimes, a relationship is completely devoid of pleasure.

Life often leads us into unchartered territory.

Dentists can be extremely creative.

You’ll be spending a lot on dentistry if you aren’t taking care of your teeth.

Dental hygienists help keep your teeth looking good.

Suffering doesn’t automatically lead to wisdom.

We value our teeth more than diamonds.

Every tooth is like an individual in its own right.

These dentist quotes are quite funny to read. All of us know the dread of visiting the dentist. The experience is pretty much never pain-free. The very idea of someone peering into our mouth with strange tools and equipment sends a shiver down our spine.

We hope you enjoyed our collection of dentistry quotes.

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