30 Cross Country Quotes and Sayings

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Cross country running is a fun and challenging sport. Participants run the entire race in over natural terrain or on open-air courses. Cross country running brings us in contact with the earth and the natural world as participants might pass through grass, woodlands, hills, or even gravel roads. These cross country quotes encapsulate the joy and wonders of cross country running.

Here is our selection of cross country sayings.

There’s something incredibly liberating and primitive about cross country running.

Cross country skiing is better enjoyed in a small country.

Cross country running is similar to flying.

Cross country running is the only real sport.

Cross country runners wear out their shoes faster than their cars.

Cross running is a great option for anyone who can run fast.

Knowledge of sports is essential for becoming associated with the NBA.

Cross country running is more popular in England than in America.

You can live a great life playing your favorite sports as a semi-retired person.

Many people enjoy road trips and driving cross country.

Life is always easier with friends who have a sense of humor.

There is something magical and captivating about running.

Winter is the perfect time to enjoy cross country skiing.

Some people enjoy the long-running.

There is something very earthy about cross country running.

Mental tenacity is essential for cross country running.

Cross country running requires a lot of training and preparation.

Cross country running helps you put a lot of things into perspective.

You can complete a cross country race quicker by running faster.

Golf courses are perfect for cross country running.

Running is synonymous with life.

Someone who enjoys running will only miss out on it if they were extremely busy.

Run with all your might and strength.

Running is a deceptively simple sport.

Nothing is harder than just getting started.

There are many people who love the sport of running.

You need to be relaxed in order to run fast.

Do whatever you can – just don’t give up.

With every race comes the possibility of winning or losing.

A good runner can remain concentrated on the race for the entire duration of it.

These cross country quotes are perfect for understanding the beauty and challenges of cross country running. All sports require greater mental tenacity than physical fortitude. Of course, you also can’t discount the importance of regular training.

We hope you enjoyed our collection of xc quotes.

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