30 Creative Quotes to Inspire the Artist in You

Creativity is the ability to do something original and innovative. Creative people have a mind of their own – they don’t care about following the herd. They do things differently and don’t shy away from challenging the status quo. Each one of us has the potential for creativity. We hope these creative quotes will inspire you to dedicate more time to artistic pursuits.
Here is our selection of being creative quotes:

Creative adults have managed to keep their inner child alive.

Human beings are guided by a powerful urge to create.

Creativity inspires us even during the most ordinary moments of life.

Creativity is intelligence expressed in a fun way.

Being creative helps grow the soul.

Creative people enjoy doing things that surprise others.

Focus on creative work, and then money will come.

There’s nothing better than having a job with creative freedom.

Creative people shouldn’t be afraid to fail.

Passion is what drives an artist to create.

It takes courage to fully embrace your creativity.

Learn the fundamentals, and then improve upon them.

Discoveries are made through creative thinking.

Many artists don’t believe in their talent and potential.

Great ideas are groundbreaking and disruptive.

Creativity grows when it is applied regularly.

Perfect creative work is produced when the heart is inspired.

If you are passionate about learning and creating, you’ll continue to grow.

A great business is one that creates value.

Put your heart and soul into everything you do.

Each one of us is born with great creative potential; sustain it.

Don’t limit your creativity.

Creative people never aim for perfection.

Creative people are extremely curious by nature.

Creative people are inspired by the imagination and not by logic.

Art is a manifestation of abstraction.

You become good at something by doing it over and over.

Great design is so simple that it becomes complicated to create.

Sometimes you have to force yourself to feel inspired.

Creativity is the ability to see something that no one else can see.

These creative quotes show us that all of us are born with the potential for creativity. As children, we were imaginative and innovative in our thinking. When we entered adulthood, rationality and logic gained predominance. We must go back to the realm of the imagination and explore our own creative potential we once had.

What kind of creative thoughts or inspiration are you getting at the moment?

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