30 Crazy Love Quotes and Sayings

Being in love can drive us crazy. It can make us do things we never thought we’d do. Lovers are willing to do anything for each other. Being in love is certainly the most blissful kind of insanity you can experience. These crazy love quotes will prompt you to think about the beauty of love and the joy it brings to your heart.

Here is our selection of mad love quotes.

Love her to the point of madness.

Being in love makes us crazy.

Love makes you do things you wouldn’t have imagined doing.

Being in love causes a certain amount of insanity in people.

Lovers are crazy people.

By touching a woman’s heart, you can drive her crazy.

True love is all about accepting someone exactly for who they are.

The only cure for love’s madness is to continue loving.

Love is deliciously crazy.

Love is all about being crazy together.

Love drives you crazy and keeps you sane at the same time.

Love is all about creating your own brand of craziness.

True love has to be crazy.

Be with someone you are totally crazy about.

Love just can’t not be crazy.

We make a fool of ourselves when we’re in love.

It’s incredible to be madly in love with someone.

Crazy love is the only kind of love that’s worth having.

True love drives people crazy.

The first few days of being in love are blissful.

Love drives you so crazy that your brain can stop working.

Marriage can cure the madness of love.

Love someone like crazy if you want the same in return.

Love creates a compulsive desire to do crazy things.

Parents love their children enormously.

Love is a very crazy thing.

You start questioning your sanity when you’re in love.

At some point, you’ll realize that you’re madly in love with someone.

Logic doesn’t make sense when you love someone madly.

Lovers can’t keep their hands off each other.

These crazy love quotes show us that there isn’t that great a difference between a lover and a madman or madwoman. Yet, there is nothing more blissful than being in love. A person who has not loved someone has missed out on one of the greatest experiences in life.

We hope you enjoyed our collection of crazy couple quotes.

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