30 Cow Quotes and Sayings

Cows are nurturing, gentle, and loving. In India and Nepal, cows are treated as a sacred animal. Cow’s milk is treated as one of the best beverages in many parts of the world. Switzerland is famous for its milk culture. These cow quotes remind us of the special qualities this tender animal possesses.

Here is our selection of cow captions that will go great with a picture of this beautiful animal:

Cows get killed so that people can eat hamburgers.

Not everyone is as gentle and submissive as a cow.

Sometimes cows can be brutal and cruel.

What works for one person doesn’t work for another.

Milk is the juice of cows.

Reading is as pleasurable to humans as grazing is to cows.

Only a cow knows what moo even means.

Nothing lasts forever.

A great actor isn’t scared of doing difficult things.

Everyone feels that their things are pretty.

A lot of people despise eating vegetables.

Most of us can’t live life as laidback as a cow does.

Cows are gentle and non-violent.

By protecting the cow, we are also protecting the weak and vulnerable.

We don’t realize how blessed we are until we lose something valuable.

No one has been able to decipher the meaning of moo.

It’s ironic that we consume carcasses as food.

Creative ideas might spring forth when you’re milking a cow.

It’s better to eat natural instead of artificial food

Cows transform grass into milk for us.

Hard work brings results.

Nothing is more repulsive than the idea of kissing a smoker on the mouth.

Experiencing loss is okay as long as you are still in business.

Cows are gentle, sweet, and interesting.

Only insiders know how stock markets really work.

Don’t force someone to do anything or they’ll get upset with you.

Nothing’s better than a cow grazing in a large open field.

Most people don’t practice gratitude towards their benefactors.

If you want something, then go and get it.

Living in a Swiss farm with cows is an idyllic lifestyle.

These cow quotes show us how marvelous this wonderful animal is. Cows live in harmony with humans – nurturing them with milk, butter, and other nutritious goodies. We should all respect cows and protect them. They deserve to be treated in the best possible way.
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