30 Country Quotes and Sayings

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It’s a good thing to be patriotic towards our birth country. However, we must not confine our love to the borders of our nation. Consider yourself a citizen of the world and treat all nationalities with the same level of respect as you give to your countrymen. We hope these quotes about country will inspire you to start seeing yourself as a citizen of the world.

Here is our selection of country quotes:

Love your country from your heart.

Be loyal to your country; be loyal to the government selectively.

Patriotism often causes people to abandon logic and rationality.

Love your country without worshipping it blindly.

A patriot would much rather die for his country than kill for its sake.

True patriots raise their voice against the injustices in their country.

Politicians are better suited to govern the country.

Chefs would have some idea what it takes to run a country.

Even in present-day America, Negros feel discriminated against.

A country is truly free only when all its citizens have freedom.

Hold on to your roots, but also be willing to explore the world.

Support your country, not its initiatives in war.

India is a country that celebrates diversity.

Consider the whole world to be your country; do good to all.

The sense of belonging to a country is essentially a mental construct.

Do whatever you can to serve your country and God.

You’re obligated to serve all mankind.

Countries need a vision and mission.

Serve your country with both your deeds and words.

Patriotism comes from an intense love for one’s country.

We start loving our native country more after living in a foreign one.

If you love your country, contribute to its betterment.

Most people feel that their own country is the greatest.

By doing good things for our country, we also make our lives better.

If a country is truly great, its citizens would never want to leave.

Loving your country doesn’t mean being a nationalist.

If you love your country, do something good for it.

The greatest love you experience should be towards your country.

Love both your country and your countrymen.

Be a citizen of earth and not just of one country.

These quotes about country show us that love for one’s country is a magnificent thing. However, a spiritually evolved person sees the whole world as their home and all human beings as their family. Give up on all prejudices and start looking beyond superficial differences. Practicing humanity is our true religion.

Does any quote about country touch your heart?

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