30 Corruption Quotes and Sayings to Spark Your Thinking

Corruption is one of the biggest problems in our society. However, we must realize that corruption in one form or another has always existed in human society. Social and political corruption springs forth from individual moral corruption. We hope these corruption quotes will inspire you to raise your voice against all forms of corrupt behavior.

Here is our selection of quotes on corruption.

The worst things happen when good things become corrupt.

Corruption and greed triggered the fall of Wall Street.

Corruption and crime seem to be glorified.

Corruption negatively affects everyone.

Corruption is the biggest challenge African nations face.

A corrupt state requires more laws.

Corruption is born from discrimination and segregation.

The root cause of all corruption is fear.

Even in the most corrupt society, music remains pure and unbiased.

Corruption seeks to nullify good and integrity.

Standing against corruption is the responsibility of a good citizen.

Everyone is influenced by corruption.

Fighting against corruption should be core to our cultural values.

Apathy and indifference give rise to corruption.

People have the power to overcome corruption.

Many continue to stand with perseverance against corruption.

Corrupt power is a corrupt person in power.

Corruption can easily be cured by practicing transparency.

Corruption grows and spreads.

Save the incorrupt from becoming corrupt.

The world can corrupt our innate purity.

Corruption is the biggest problem in our society.

In a corrupt society, people will do anything to get what they want.

Corruption compels us to realize the value of democracy.

Corruption moves from generation to generation.

Corruption resists positive change.

The youth must raise their voice against corruption.

Not fighting against corruption is equal to supporting it.

The war against corruption will take time.

It is every individual’s responsibility to fight against corruption.

These corruption quotes remind us that it is our responsibility to fight this malaise that affects society. We can’t say that it is someone else’s problem or that it doesn’t affect us. The actions of the corrupt affect every single individual in a society whether they realize it or not. Hence, there is no time to keep your mouth shut. You must take a stand against this evil.

We hope you enjoyed our selection of quotes on corruption.

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