30 Condolence Messages That Give Strength in Hours of Need

When someone dies among relatives, friends and families, no condolence message can replace the loss. Yet, sending such messages can give a little strength in the face of adversity to rise up and continue with life. That’s why, below, we have collected some of the most sympathetic condolence messages.

I pray to God to eradicate your sufferings in this tough time.

Only God’s blessings can get you through this difficult situation.

Praying for the departed soul is the least we can do for you.

I understand how painful it is to lose a loved one.

Please let me know if I can be of any use to you and the family.

Nothing is more painful than the loss of a mother.

All your dad’s colleagues will miss him badly.

It’s hard to conceive the amount of pain you are going through.

I can only hope for your comfort in this tough time.

Hopefully, the love of those dearest will get you through this period.

My friendship and condolences are the only things I can offer in your loss.

It’s impossible for someone else to imagine the pain you are feeling.

I will be there for anything you need during this period.

Where the words fail, memories can give strength.

The suffering of losing someone is immeasurable.

In this difficult time, I am always thinking about you.

Please accept my condolences as you grieve for your loss.

I am shocked to learn about the passing of your father.

Remembering the beautiful memories can help you deal with the pain.

No words are strong enough to lessen your suffering.

We pray to the Lord to lessen the pain for you and your family.

The only thing we can do is to pray to the Lord on his behalf.

I hope the guardian angels watch over all of your grieving souls.

I am suffering deeply for your loss.

I can only wish for your quick recovery from this painful occasion.

May God bestows his blessings upon you all.

Only God can pacify your heart in such a sorrowful situation.

I hope your mom meets my Dad in heaven.

The more I think about your mother, the more I suffer.

I have also lost a special person today.

Whenever someone you know dies, whether it’s your family member, someone from the friend’s family, or your neighbor, sending a condolence message is the least you can do. Even if you can’t be at their side, a condolences message will make them realize you care. After all, love is the biggest healer and such messages express just that.

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