30 Compassion Quotes and Sayings

Compassion is the ability to feel for the pain and suffering of others. The ability to rise above our concerns to connect with the challenges of others, and help them as best as we can is what makes us human. Being compassionate doesn’t always mean taking on the suffering of others but giving them as much love and support as much as we can. We hope these compassion quotes will inspire you to empathize better with others.

Here is our selection of quotes on compassion.

Everyone has their own challenges they’re facing.

Focus more on the positive side of life.

We can act morally only when we have compassion.

Love and compassion are essential to the survival of mankind.

Compassionate people feel other people’s pain very deeply.

Our compassion must encompass all of nature.

All wounds can heal with love, kindness, and compassion.

It takes mental strength to be compassionate and tolerant.

Compassion is noble, empathy is beautiful, and forgiveness is graceful.

The essence of compassion is love.

Love can’t exist without compassion.

You must practice compassion unconditionally.

A successful life is one lived with passion, compassion, humor, and style.

Compassion is the only thing that really matters.

The most important virtues are simplicity, patience, and compassion.

Human beings are unique because of their ability to be compassionate.

Compassion can drive one to tears.

To live peacefully, be compassionate towards all living things.

Compassion is essential for the happiness of all.

God is compassion.

Compassion is the most radical thing in this day and age.

Compassion makes us more human, and more humane.

Compassion births greatness.

Compassion connects us to our higher selves.

If you want to be kind to others, first be kind to yourself.

Compassion is empathy for others above your self-gain.

Love yourself first, and it will flow to others.

Women are naturally very compassionate.

Be compassionate and empathize with unhappy people.

God is always compassionate.

These compassion quotes show us what it means to be loving and compassionate. We must have empathy for others even if their challenges don’t make sense to us. Every human being has come into this world for a unique purpose and has a different journey to take from everyone else. If we can’t understand someone else’s journey, then the least we can do is respect it.

We hope you enjoyed our collection of quotes about compassion.

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