30 Chinese Proverbs and Quotes

China is regarded as one of the world’s oldest civilizations. Many wise men have lived in the land of emperors and dragons. Chinese proverbs are famous for being nuggets of wisdom that can teach us a lot about life. We hope you’ll find great wisdom in the Chinese quotes we have included here.

Here is our selection of Chinese proverbs:

Every crisis brings new opportunities with it.

No book should be taken as an absolute authority in its niche.

Never lose patience when you’re pursuing your goals.

Smiling increases longevity.

Birds sing out of joy, not to impress anyone.

Taking action is more important than talking about taking it.

Nearly all tragedies result from some sort of stupidity.

Blessings are usually hidden behind problems and challenges.

Solve your problems as soon as they occur.

What comes in must go out.

Being happy is the best beauty treatment.

How you start things determines how you’ll finish them.

Life is like a dream when you’re pursuing them.

It’s better to ask questions than to live a life of ignorance.

The best thing you can do for anyone is to educate them.

Recognize what you are capable of and do things accordingly.

God’s plans are always better than ours.

Don’t succumb to the herd mentality.

Do something positive instead of complaining about the negative.

It takes time to learn about the true character of a person.

Empower people to fulfill their needs on their own.

Clever people know how to read between the lines.

Results only come with consistent action over a long period of time.

Results are hardly ever immediate.

Everything is possible with hard work.

Looks can be deceptive.

Don’t insult the people who do important things for you.

Don’t do anything in anger that you’ll regret later.

Leaders are a rare breed in society.

Never allow your emotions to overpower you.

These Chinese quotes are short but densely packed with wisdom. Every single proverb can easily be turned into a long article or book. We would suggest that you read each quote several times to fully understand its meaning.

We hope you enjoyed our collection of old Chinese proverbs.

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