30 Catchy Retirement Cake Messages for A Fantastic Coworker Who’s Retiring

Retirement is the end of one phase and the beginning of another. That means you stop working and now have time for fun and relaxation. So, if you’re planning a celebration and wondering what to write on retirement cake. Don’t worry! Choose a retirement cake quote to put on that extra special cake.

A new adventure about to begin!

We will think of you every time we eat donuts.

Retirement is the beginning of a life you’ve always dreamed of.

We are all grateful to you for everything you did.

I am curious about what the future holds for you.

Today you say goodbye to work stress and welcome your pension.

I forgot what it looks like having a lazy day.

Congratulations and best of luck on your retirement.

You are looking forward to marvelous things.

Retirement is like a long vacation – you need to find fun things to do!

I can’t imagine working without you in the office.

I hope you’ll enjoy every minute of your retirement.

Retirement is a consistent day of fun and relaxation.

Now, you can specialize in enjoying life!

Happy retirement, and may your life be full of joy and happiness!

Things at the company will never be the same.

Retirement is another phase of your life.

You might become a golf fanatic in your retirement.

During retirement, you can enjoy coffee breaks for as long as you like.

Now, you’ll have more time for yourself.

Retirement is like a never-ending enjoyable weekend.

Retirement does not mean you cannot have fun.

My wife has become my new boss.

Now you have the time to do whatever you want.

I can’t wait to enjoy my senior discount benefits!

Every day is like Saturday when you retire.

You’ve waited a long time to enjoy this cake.

May you enjoy the extra time that you’ll have with your friends and family.

It was a privilege for me to work with you.

You earned it, and now you must enjoy it.

When retirement comes, leaving the workplace can be difficult for some people. You should make it easier for them by organizing a special event. We have a beautiful collection of what to write on retirement cake, especially for you. And funny retirement cake sayings are ideal for the occasion too.

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