30 Burger Quotes and Sayings

A burger might not be nutritious but it surely is one of the most delicious foods man has invented. As long as one is maintaining a healthy diet most days of the week, it is okay to cheat with a burger once in a while. We hope you’ll enjoy the burger quotes we have compiled in this article for you.
Here is our selection of quotes for burger:

A great hamburger makes for a great breakfast.

Making a burger is super easy.

People appreciate results better than the source of process.

Hamburgers are great but cheeseburgers are even better.

Burgers are cheap and delicious.

The US has the best hamburgers.

It’s okay to have a cheat burger once in a while.

A good story is well-formed like a burger.

There’s nothing wrong with having a burger every now and then.

For some people, Burger King is the best place to eat at.

People just love the burger in all its messiness.

There is no shortage of great burger joints in New York.

Even the biggest vegetable hater can tolerate some on a burger.

Burger joints are everywhere in the US.

Burgers are low-key – kebabs are fancy.

New York has some of the most amazing burger joints.

It’s not very healthy to eat burgers and steak regularly.

It’s hard for people who like to drink and eat keep skinny all the time.

We should allow ourselves to occasionally eat the food we love.

Cheeseburgers are the best.

All jobs are respectable.

Burger joints have their own charm.

It makes no sense why people make burgers so massive.

In and Out Burger is in a class of its own.

Compromise and eat a burger and a steak once in a while.

A double cheeseburger is one of the best foods in life.

Cheeseburgers are simply so delicious.

It’s tough choosing a burger joint to eat at.

Burgers, fries, and ice cream are tempting but not nutritious.

Cheeseburgers shouldn’t be one’s constant diet.

These burger quotes bring a smile to our faces as we think about the ultimate comfort food. A burger at the end of a tough day can feel like a warm hug. However, let’s not make a habit out of eating them, as burgers are certainly not great for our health.

Do you have a favorite burger quote?

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