30 Banana Quotes and Sayings

The banana is not only a delicious fruit, but it’s also nourishing and energizing. Only a rare few dislike this nutritious powerhouse. If you are craving sweets, instead of eating anything processed, you can have a banana. It is filling and fulfilling at the same time. These banana quotes make us think about the wonders of this incredible fruit.

Here is our selection of banana sayings:

You have to connect with others on their level of consciousness.

Strong people don’t get affected by the opinions of the weak.

Love is synonymous with sex for some people.

Some things are just impossible.

We all have multiple goals at any given point.

Mistakes and failures are part of life; keep going.

Some things get better with time; some don’t.

Focus on the banana when eating it.

Intellectual properties don’t survive too long.

Bananas are better than cars and basketball.

Don’t disturb a person who is eating something they love.

We are genetically very similar to bananas.

Not everyone likes bananas.

Be honest about who you are while still remaining credible.

Eating a banana in public is embarrassing.

It’s crazy how you feel in a three-piece Tom Ford suit.

It’s crazy how all styles work well with short hair.

Witnessing other people’s small discomforts is funny.

Home-made smoothies with frozen bananas are delicious.

A banana is the perfect mid-day snack.

Only humans can dream and think big.

It’s difficult to understand where we stare while eating a banana.

Banana’s are delicious and energizing.

Love throws us off balance – just like a banana peel.

It’s obvious that some ventures are meant to fail.

Some people do everything right.

Smart people don’t give in to temptations easily.

Live with excitement and enthusiasm.

Most people are too short-sighted to understand the dynamics of success.

Average people are narrow-minded while great people are visionaries.

These banana quotes are humorous and entertaining to read. They remind us of the joys a simple banana can bring to our lives. It is unique, delectable, and filling. Bananas can be a healthy snack if you have a sweet tooth.

Do you have any favorite banana phrases?

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