30 Back to School Wishes

Parents and kids alike share the excitement and jitters of starting school. Moms and dads are happy and proud to bring their little ones to school. Preschoolers, though, cling to their moms and would not want to be left with strangers in the classroom. As parents, we recall the fun we had back then in learning new things. We hope that our children will find school as their second home.

To properly convey our feelings to our young ones, we have to see things from their perspective. Hence,we’re featuring back to school messages for you as well as your children to get the motivation they need to go to their schools.

It’s funny seeing people cry when they are free from school; they should instead be happy.

Life is all about embracing challenges, and the first one is going to school.

Promote curiosity, interest and social freedom in your child, and he will love to go to school.

First days of every new school year is a new chance to get better grades.

It’s the responsibility of a teacher to make children fall in love with learning.

Every child has the right to go to school and become educated.

Teaching and learning done in a casual and friendly way are best.

Every child educated becomes empowered to make big social changes.

Every child is brilliant in his own ways.

Every child is different; not everyone can top the class, but everyone is learning in their own way.

Exams can be frightening; we’ve all prayed during our exams.

Everyone hates going to school first but then make friends, and suddenly we love going to school.

Be yourself – free-spirited, genuine and warm, If school going kids are not allowed to be silly then who is?

Education is fun; we fail, we win, we learn, and that’s life.

Going to school enables you to learn and unlearn at the same time.

If you’re afraid of failing, know that it’s okay; everyone fails multiple times.

Schools teach us to socialize, embrace challenges and become disciplined.

It’s not the teacher who makes the children fall in love with the school, but it’s his class fellows.

Being mischievous is part of growing up.

Schools are a great way for mothers to have a break from their children.

You have to like what you study in order for you to excel in it.

It’s not easy convincing small children to go to school.

The most frightening thing for kindergarten children is to be away from their mothers.

It’s the responsibility of the parent and the teachers to make their students interested in studies.

The first day of school is frightening, but once it’s over, the fear is also gone.

Learning is an essential part of living when we stop learning; it is as though we stop living.

It’s hard leaving your child in the company of people he/she is not acquainted with for the first time.

It’s funny how kids long for summer holidays, no matter how far they are.

We all remember this frightening scene of our lives.

If there were no schools, our childhood would be very boring.

We hope these back to school wishes have inspired you to understand your child’s feelings on his or her first day at school. These will also make them excited for their learning, and allow them to take matters with ease.

Some of these include the first day of school wishes for teachers because teachers also need encouragement in dealing with their students who could turn out to be very mischievous sometimes. We wish you all the best of luck for this wonderful experience.

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