30 Awe-inspiring Quotes About Overcoming Darkness

When you’re at a difficult phase in life, the negativity and darkness inside you can become so dominant that it seems impossible to overcome. If you happen to be in that situation, reading dark quotes can really help you find the light inside you.

This is why we’ve made a list of 30 quotes about darkness for anyone struggling to find their silver lining.

You’ll need the light inside you to overcome your demons.

When you’re in the dark, you’ll always have fear to overcome.

Being aware of your own demons is the best way to help others.

The end of a dark journey will have a reward for you.

You have what it takes to get through the dark – even if it doesn’t feel like it.

If you didn’t know the dark, you wouldn’t know your light.

Darkness is a necessary measure of light.

Your identity will be shaped by how you overcome the darkness in your life.

Dare to think past your dark moments.

The good and the bad will always exist, simultaneously.

It’s only through the hope that you can get past the darkness.

It’s through your sheer willpower and inner strength that you can overcome the dark.

The bravest people are those who fight through the dark with full gusto.

Overcome the dark with all the light you have inside you.

The relation of light to dark is the same as that of right to wrong.

Your friends and foes will reveal themselves during your darkest times.

Learn to master the darkness inside you.

Your darkness does not have to be your chosen reality.

Be brave to pull through your own darkness.

Without the dark, there is no light.

There’s something to be learned from even your darkest experiences.

You can find the silver lining in even your darkest times.

Let go of the darkness inside you.

Even the darkest times have a conclusion

Use your inner light to overcome the dark

You can’t see the joy in the light if you haven’t suffered in the dark first.

Even in the darkest places, light does exist.

What matters is how you overcome the dark, not how long the darkness lasts.

Don’t let your inner darkness trap you in your own woes.

Use your faith to find your inner light.

It’s important that you keep reassuring yourself of your ability to surpass the dark. We hope our list of top 30 darkness quotes will help you bask in all the light you deserve in your life.

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