30+ Arrogant Quotes to Help You Stay Away from This Vice

Arrogant people believe that they are better than everyone else. They are non-receptive to feedback and refuse to accept their own mistakes. In their eyes, they know everything and are always right. Nothing causes a man’s downfall as severely as arrogance. Arrogant quotes will inspire you to maintain a healthy distance from this vice.

Here is our selection of arrogance quotes for you.

It’s difficult to deal with people who are arrogant and meritorious at the same time.

It is better to be honestly arrogant than to be pretentiously humble.

Arrogance is the downfall that curses many business leaders.

Accept and recognize our own mistakes and rectify them.

Arrogance causes men to lie.

Be humble enough in order to listen to others.

Arrogant people only care about themselves, which is offensive for others.

Arrogant people don’t care about the opinions of others.

Being arrogant doesn’t make you better than someone else.

A wise person has no need to be arrogant or forceful.

It’s difficult to not boast about our achievements and accomplishments.

Only an ignorant person can be vain, proud, and arrogant all at once.

Arrogance is an exaggerated version of pride.

Arrogant people refuse to learn and therefore fail to become and wiser.

Avoid arrogance and stay curious and passionate.

Arrogant people lack wisdom.

Some people hide their insecurities and fears behind a veil of arrogance.

An arrogant person behaves like the king of his private kingdom.

Arrogance is the byproduct of an over-inflated ego.

Too much ignorance can easily turn into arrogance.

Some people are so arrogant that they fail to see the virtues of others.

Arrogance is a false display of strength.

Arrogance makes people do foolish things.

A cocky person behaves as if he is the only person who knows everything.

An arrogant person doesn’t realize when his demise is about to come.

Arrogance might make you appear strong outside but weak at the core.

Arrogant people like pretending to be humble in public.

Arrogance prevents people from reaching their highest potential.

Arrogance is made up of weakness and insecurities.

Pretending to be modest is far worse than being arrogant.

These arrogant quotes teach us that arrogance is, above all, a sign of weakness. A barren tree stands with its head held high but the fruit-laden tree keeps its head bowed with humility.

A person who is truly wise and virtuous will never seek to make a display of his good qualities. His virtues are apparent through his actions and he doesn’t care about being glorified by others.

We hope you enjoyed these quotes about arrogance.

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