30 Anti Love Quotes and Sayings

Love is the strongest force in the Universe. We all desire to be loved and appreciated by others. However, many of us close our hearts to love, especially if we have been hurt many times. These anti-love quotes encapsulate some of the less pleasant consequences of love.

Here is our selection of against love quotes.

Love never comes with any reliable promises.

Marriage is the antidote to the fieriness of love.

Just a hint of love can ruin a life.

Our love lives are usually full of meaningless trysts or sour relationships.

A person in love loses his/her ability to think logically.

Love can never be forced; it can ruin lives.

Love is an illusion that wears off to reveal the bad sides of our partners.

Love hampers logic with imagination.

Love can either nourish you or destroy you.

You can’t always trust your lover to be faithful to you.

Love is an illusion created to drive us to procreate.

Most of the time love causes pain.

A person you’re madly in love with has a lot of power over you.

Love is not real.

Having things in common doesn’t guarantee a happy relationship.

Marriage is humorless and boring.

Marriage can mark the end of a happy life.

Very few people love their spouses.

Falling in love is falling into insanity.

Marrying someone for the wrong reasons can be a total disaster.

Love can easily turn into hate.

Over time, the memory of an ex-lover fades.

The end of a romantic relationship is usually full of turmoil.

Hate for someone after you loved them is often the most intense.

Cheating is common with married couples.

Love is incurable.

Romantic love bans logic and embraces pleasure.

After marriage, a husband is likely to give up keeping in shape.

We often love knowing it can hurt us.

Marriage helps you realize the illusion of love.

These anti-love quotes show us that there can be quite a number of repercussions to falling in love. However, we shouldn’t forget that real love is unconditional. Giving love is its own reward. We shouldn’t expect anything in return for it. By loving others our lives become richer and more beautiful.

Do you have any specific thoughts against love?

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