30 Anti Bullying Quotes and Sayings

Bullying is essentially a violation of human rights. Unfortunately, it’s the people who are heavily damaged on the inside that end up being bullies. It is never acceptable to ridicule others or put them down just because they are different from you. We hope these anti-bullying quotes will inspire you to take a stand against all forms of bullying.

Here is our selection of stop bullying quotes.

We are all equal to pursue our happiness.

Bullying is inhuman and cruel.

A bully puts others down in order to appear better than them.

Never yield to a bully.

Both the bullying and the bullied are in pain.

No child deserves to be harassed and bullied.

Bullying is wrong even when it’s done as revenge.

Freedom of speech doesn’t give us the right to bully others.

Workplace bullying is terrible for business.

Never allow anyone to bully you.

Bullies are unhappy people who loathe themselves.

Being bullied can destroy a person’s self-confidence.

Bullies are cowards who target weak people.

Stop bullying the gay kids.

To fight with bullying, try your best to be strong and powerful.

Don’t give anyone permission to bring you down.

Bullying is a violation of human rights.

Don’t let anyone bully you.

A bully is an aggressive and incompetent person.

Being tough means having the ability to say no.

A bully is a deeply insecure person.

Bullying is a rampant problem.

Bullies want to hurt and damage others at all costs.

Getting bullied is much better than bullying someone.

Bullying is widespread in America.

Don’t take a bully’s words to heart.

You have no right to bully others because of your likes and dislikes.

Depression, anger, and bullying go hand-in-hand.

Bullies need to learn to mind their own business.

Bullying is a beastly act.

We hope these anti-bullying quotes have helped you realize how destructive and traumatizing bullying can be. Measures must be taken to counteract this social menace. We need to make the world a more loving and compassionate place.

We hope these anti-bullying quotes touched your heart.

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