30 Angry Quotes to Keep in Mind When You Feel Angry

There are high chances of making stupid decisions when you are angry. At some point in life, you may get angry and completely lose your mind. Even though it is normal to be angry, you should still learn how to control your emotions from going wild.

From time to time, you may turn to some quotes on anger for help. These quotes will help you think twice whenever you become angry.

Therefore, look no further. Here are 30 angry quotes that will calm you down when your emotions are high.

Love is what you should always keep at your heart.

Anger will not solve the situation, so don’t let it make you suffer.

Don’t talk when you are angry.

Anger will cause unnecessary trouble.

Anger can cause bad decision-making and may even lead to health problems.

You become unhappy when you are angry.

Give yourself sometime when you are angry.

Prevent yourself from being angry; you only lose more love by being angry.

Avoid making decisions when you are feeling angry.

The vent that comes from anger only makes you sick.

When you are angry, it is better to talk gently; you will think well and find solutions too.

Anger is the same as punishing yourself.

Never allow someone else to make you angry.

Don’t let anger destroy what you already have.

It is better to think first before you talk.

Resolve the things that made you angry; don’t postpone them.

Being angry not only hurts others, but also yourself.

When you do things with anger, you may feel ashamed for what you have done.

Don’t throw words at someone without thinking when you are angry.

Avoid anger, as it can cause significant troubles.

The best way to get rid of anger is to take your time and think.

If you are angry, don’t show it.

Avoid being angry about things you cannot control.

Control your anger and transfer it into power.

Don’t waste time on people who are not worth your time.

People will run away from you when you always complain or express anger.

Always being angry is not a good representation of who you are.

Don’t stay angry at something or someone for a long time.

When you are angry, you might become irrational.

It is not a sin to be mad, but remember to reconcile and apologize.

Many people make very bad decisions when they get mad over something. Therefore, when you are angry, it is important to control your temper and emotions. The above-mentioned quotes about anger can help cool yourself down.

Thank you for reading and share these angry quotes with friends and family!

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