30 Adorable Quotes About Short Girls

These short girl quotes remind us that girls are cute in all sizes. What short girls lack in height, they sure don’t lack in personality! You can lift them up easily, melt in their tiny hugs and enjoy their amazing sense of humor.

Short girls quotes are the best way to show your tiny girl that you love everything about her!

Short girl power!

When your siblings are taller than you and tease you.

In your opinion, the world is too big.

You are everyone’s favorite.

Short girls are unbelievably adorable.

Don’t underestimate short girls.

You have the power to change the world.

You’re short and humorous.

This is the cutest dream couple.

Perks of being short.

You are concentrated awesomeness.

You’re short and overcute!

Being short makes you hot!

Hugs with short girls are wonderful.

Short, feminine and sexy.

Short girls are adorable.

Don’t get your hopes up, she’s not admiring you.

This is a short girl’s motto.

You’ve got to love them!

She’s a wonderful girl.

Short girls are irresistible.

Keep an optimistic mood.

This is true for all girls.

You can lift the short girl you love easily.

All women are attractive in bed.

This will make you feel happy.

You can comfortably sleep on the sofa.

You can be happy at any size.

A perfect match.

Short people reached perfection sooner than others.

Short girl quotes show us that short girls are wonderful people. They are short, feminine, confident and their hugs are the most enjoyable.

Quotes for short girls are lovely reminders of how adorable they are. Share them with a short girl and show her that you love her for who she is!

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