29 Unexpected Love Quotes and Sayings

There is nothing more magical in life than falling in love with another human being. Love often comes to us at a time and place where we are least expecting it. These unexpected love quotes discuss the different facets of romantic love.

Here is our selection of quotes about falling in love unexpectedly.

Sometimes we may fall in love with someone unexpectedly.

The human heart responds to love in the most unexpected ways.

It’s hard to tell where and with whom we’re going to fall in love.

Love often comes unplanned for.

The beauty of falling in love is in its unpredictability.

Love can make us do things that we had never imagined.

Love happens unexpectedly.

People may fall in love with someone other than the partner they want.

You realize you have fallen in love only after it has already happened.

Unexpected relationships usually turn out to be the best ones.

When in love, we feel very optimistic.

Sometimes, people find their true love unexpectedly.

True love is hardly predicted.

Some people are so charming that people fall for them unexpectedly.

Unrequited love is extremely painful.

I fell in love with you unexpectedly.

Life brings the right people to us unexpectedly.

It’s amazing to fall in love with someone you initially didn’t want.

Love comes and goes on its own terms.

Love comes to us and fills us with bliss.

Love reveals the most amazing qualities in the other person.

Love is as unpredictable as the wind.

When in love, we let go of our insecurities.

A loving kiss can be extremely enchanting.

Love shouldn’t be restricted with conditions.

Accidents and love happen unexpectedly.

Love happens unexpectedly but getting married is a choice.

Love happens unexpectedly.

An unexpected kiss can truly unite lovers.

By reading these unexpected love quotes, we can be sure that love always comes to us when we aren’t actively looking for it. Most people find their ideal partner at a time and place where they had never imagined it to happen.

Always have faith in the Universe – unexpected love is always the best!

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