27 Sweet and Touching I Miss You Poems

Poetry is the music of the soul. You can express your deepest emotions and strongest feelings through poems. These “I miss you” poems will surely resonate with you if there is someone in your life you just can’t stop thinking about. We hope that these poems will touch your heart and speak to your soul.

Here is our selection of “missing you” poems.

You were there in my dreams last night, but now you’re gone.

I miss the relationship we once had.

It’s worth waiting for the person you love most.

Everything you said to me was a lie.

My life is empty and desolate without you.

I have accepted that my fate is not to be with you.

I really thought that you were the one.

I keep going back to you in my dreams.

I’m not able to enjoy my life because I keep missing you.

I don’t understand why you keep coming back to me when you love someone else.

I keep waiting for you, even though you love someone else now.

I still love you even though you’re no longer with me.

I’ll make things right if you give me another chance.

I know I’m never going to find anyone like you again.

It’s my fault that you are no longer in my life.

I’m missing you like crazy.

It’s painful to be missing you so much.

I can’t explain how much I miss you.

I keep missing you even when I’m making an effort not to think about you.

I hope to at least be with you in my dreams.

I’m eagerly waiting to see you again.

It’s really hard for me to move on.

Do you miss me?

You have no idea what you mean to me.

I can’t turn back time, but I still miss you.

You’re the only one who can heal my scars.

I wish you hadn’t changed so much.

Each of these “I miss you” poems is heart-touching and soul-stirring. It’s painful to miss someone, especially when you know that they might never come back in your life. However, we must do our best to move forward with life and not get stuck in one feeling.

We hope you enjoyed our collection of “I miss you” poems.

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